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Season's End

"Season's End is a fine and absorbing book by a remarkably substantial writer." -- Thomas McGuane

"At times funny and action-packed, Grimes' prose curves in an arc that traverses the distance from clear to piercing." -- Anne Beattie

"Reads like Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49 told by Holden Caulfield." -- Thom Jones

"Tom Grimes has written another terrific book." -- Denis Johnson

"Intravenously hilarious." -- Dagoberto Gilb

"Dialogue that’s as antic as Roth, as witty and intelligent as DeLillo." --- Charles D'Ambrosio

City of God

Kirkus Reviews ***starred review
"Grimes makes a quantum leap into DeLillo land...a work of visionary power that is truly scary, chillingly funny -- and only slightly removed from our own world of instant docudramas and media meltdown."

"The ability to balance the rich grandiosity of riot scenes with the economy and restraint of this small interior marks Grimes as a writer in impressive command of his craft...and his City of God speaks to the spirit and his vision stretches the mind." --- The Philadelphia Inquirer

A Stone of the Heart

"Renders the afflictions of adolescence in both unique and universal terms." -- The New York Times Book Review

The Workshop: Seven Decades of the Iowa Writers' Workshop

Forty-three stories plus essays on writing.